double-linked lists

Vlad Dumitrescu <>
Mon Jul 1 14:37:38 CEST 2002


I think you answered to the wrong mail :-)

>I suppose you need the following operations:
>- create an empty list
>- put an item at the front
>- put an item at the end
>- traverse from the front (using an iterator, or a higher order
>   function?)
>- traverse from the end.
>When would you be doing deletions?

Well, I am not sure how things will look like, if there will be an external 
manager traversing the list or if the listed processes will just take care 
of themselves.

What will happen is that the processes might start sending messages either 
forward or backward in the list.

On second thought, a list will not be enough, but more like a "double-linked 
tree" where one has a 'root' at either end and in the middle there are 
several branches to traverse... Hmmm, this needs more thought! :-)


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