R8B-0 devpoll patch

Per Bergqvist per@REDACTED
Thu Feb 28 22:03:22 CET 2002

> Per Bergqvist <per@REDACTED> writes:                                
> > [snip]                                                            
> >                                                                   
> > > Unfortunately not all files support kqueues. Pipes, fifos,      
regular files                                                         
> > > sockets and ttys, as well as processes and signals, are         
supported, but                                                        
> > > more weird devices like usb stuff, audio, radio, etc. are not   
> >                                                                   
> > Eventpoll in Linux has exactly the same problem. For this reason  
> > I added poll support to the /dev/epoll device itself.             
> > By doing that I can have a smaller result with "weird" files on   
> > which I actually call poll(). If readiness is indicated on the    
> > eventpoll file descriptor I do a EP_POLL to get the actual        
> > events.                                                           
> >                                                                   
> > Would it be possible to multiplex with kqueue in a similiar way ? 
> Yes, you can select(2)/poll(2) on kqueue descriptors. You can also  
> register kqueue descriptors on another kqueue just to add to the    
> orthogonality.                                                      
A few other questions:                                                
1) What is the best way to check if the fd should use poll or kqueue ?
(in the Linux I do a fstat and test the mode)                         
2) Do you have to register EVFILT_READ and WRITE as separate event    
filters or can you simply OR them in one event ?                      
(Check a few examples on the web and they all register separate       
Will get access to a FreeBSD machine next week to test it ...         
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