R8B-0 devpoll patch

Per Bergqvist per@REDACTED
Thu Feb 28 05:50:15 CET 2002

> Hi Per,                                                             
> Did you find on Solaris that there was a mistake in                 
> included by <sys/devpoll.h>: the extern "C" { chunk (line 63) must  
be moved                                                              
> to before the #if defined(_KERNEL) (line 58) to match the #endif and
} at                                                                  
> the bottom of the file!                                             
> Possibly its been fixed in a patch, although we haven't seen it.    
I have another version of <sys/poll_impl.h> with the #if              
defined(_KERNEL) on line 62. (from Solaris 8 MU6)                     
This file is still wrong.                                             
However, the bug will only affect c++ users and will not affect       
building Erlang.                                                      
Thanks for letting me know.                                           

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