Mnesia and the Erlang message distribution model

Vlad Dumitrescu vlad_dumitrescu@REDACTED
Fri Feb 22 11:45:56 CET 2002


I have kind of a side-question

Ulf said:
>The scaling problems when running 200 to 300 Erlang nodes lie not
>so much in Distributed Erlang, but in things like ...<snip/>

while the "Efficiency guide" v5.1 states:
>The maximum number of distributed nodes that one Erlang node can connect to 
>during its life time is 255. It can be less than 255 for several mostly 
>platform dependent reasons, for example the maximum >number of open file 
>descriptors allowed for a process on the operating system.

which makes a number of 300 fully conected peers unreachable anyways... 
Isn't it?

And also note that the documentation doesn't say "maximum number of 
distributed nodes to connect SIMULTANEOUSLY to", but "during it's life 
time"... Does that mean that even if nodes get disconnected, the connection 
is remembered somehow and can't be reused? Seems very weird to me if it was 
like that... What is the right interpretation?

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