Mnesia -- multiple schemas?

Kurt Luoto kurt@REDACTED
Fri Feb 22 02:46:38 CET 2002

When Mnesia is running in an Erlang node, is there only one "schema", one
database at any given time? Or can a Mnesia instance support multiple
schemas at the same time?

The question arises when in a system I have one set of nodes (A) that need
to share one set of tables (a schema if you will), and another set of nodes
(B) that need to share a different set of tables, (perhaps several other
sets of nodes sharing their own sets of tables, etc), where the sets A and B
may overlap (non-empty intersection), but in general are not identical.  For
purposes of scalability, I would not want to burden every node (Mnesia
instance) with the overhead of having to know all the details of every other
schema in the entire system, much less have to be in communication with
nodes with which it is not sharing data.

-- Kurt Luoto

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