Vlad Dumitrescu vlad_dumitrescu@REDACTED
Tue Feb 12 13:46:10 CET 2002

>If you want a neato protocol check out Chord.

Yes, that seems like fun!

>No JXTA also sucks (though less so than gnutella) - JXTA is a framework for 
>P2P but is IMHO not the way to go.

I haven't had time to look at it that much, but I think it might work...

>I'm more attracted to the idea of very small peer-2-peer groups (everybody 
>want's massive p2p groups) but what about the small one's.
>Why do I have to use ICQ to get a connection to a friend? - why not use a 
>small p2p group for this. We could use yaws to keep track of the small p2p 

But JXTA is just a protocol - it shouldn't matter if it's a small or large 
group, does it? It just defines how the communication takes place.

If ICQ was open-sourced, you could set up a private central server and let 
only your friends connect to it. Then you'd have your small group, but also 
the option to communicate with the rest of the world too.

The protocol is orthogonal to the implementation (in theory), so any fixed 
point (yaws or wikie or a cgi/php/asp script) can be used to put the peers 
in contact with each other.

Am I wrong?


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