xmlrpc in erlang?

Daniel Néri daniel.neri@REDACTED
Tue Feb 12 10:19:34 CET 2002

"Erik Reitsma (ELN)" <Erik.Reitsma@REDACTED> writes:

> Mickael Remond c.s. have made a package to do SOAP. I guess that
> that is what you mean with xmlrpc?

Quoted from the XML-RPC HowTo[*]:

  "SOAP was originally created as a collaboration between UserLand,
  DevelopMentor and Microsoft. The initial public release was
  basically XML-RPC with namespaces and longer element names. Since
  then, however, SOAP has been turned over a W3C working group.


  Basically, if you like XML-RPC, but wish the protocol had more
  features, check out SOAP. :-)"


[*] http://xmlrpc-c.sourceforge.net/xmlrpc-howto/xmlrpc-howto-soap.html

Daniel Neri
Sigicom AB, Sweden

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