xmlrpc in erlang?

Erik Reitsma (ELN) Erik.Reitsma@REDACTED
Mon Feb 11 14:21:50 CET 2002

Hi Garry (and others)!

> has anyone done anything like an xmlrpc server in erlang?
> it looks like i could use xmerl to parse requests, and formatting
> responses should be straightforward.  i just wondered if it's 
> already been done.

Mickael Remond c.s. have made a package to do SOAP. I guess that that is what you mean with xmlrpc?
I have just finished upgrading his code to a newer SOAP version. It is still quite rudimentary and "hacky" in my opinion. But I have only been using it for demo purposes so far, so as long as my calls worked, I was satisfied :-) And I was quite satisfied, because I could talk to both ASP.NET and the Tomcat that is included in JBuilder 6.0, having Erlang both as server and as client.
I think that there is a lot of potential for Erlang in this area, especially since it is easy to have a small server in your application, compared to ASP.NET, where your server has to run in IIS.
I have just sent my adaptation to the source to Mickael. I think that the license would allow me to send you the same source, but Mickael promised to integrate my code, so the next version should include my improvements. If you want to use my adaptations just to try out what it looks like, let me know, and I can mail you what I've got.
Some more eyes on the code would not hurt at all. So far application concepts etc. have not been used, but it works for me! But there are a lot of opportunities for improvement here.
And yes, it uses xmerl.


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