mod key and its role in resourse file

Suresh S sureshsaragadam@REDACTED
Mon Dec 30 12:13:23 CET 2002

Hi Ulf

I have some other OTP Based applications like mnesian,
eva,.. inculded in my applications

Acoording to Design Principles of OTP it says

Included Applications
if you want several applications to include an
application, it has to be designed as a library
application without a start function (the mod key in
the .app file). 

So i should not have mod key in my resourse file(.app
Then how do i specify start function of my application

with out using mod key

Starting Applications
A primary application can be started in one or two
steps. The first step is mandatory and the purpose of
it is to start the main supervisor of the application
and possible permanent children. The second step is
optional and its purpose is to synchronize processes
within an application. 

Thanking u sir

suresh s
 --- Wiger Ulf <ulf.wiger@REDACTED> wrote: > The part
of the OTP documentation that describes
> behaviours is:
> If you want to make a fault tolerant application,
> the supervisor behaviour
> is an essential component. The above document also
> talks about building
> supervision trees. The reference manual for the
> 'supervisor' module (part of
> stdlib) is also important.
> One of the most common behaviours is gen_server, the
> generic client-server
> behaviour.
> Here's a slightly simplified version of gen_server.
> Perhaps it will clarify
> how the callbacks are used. It lacks a few of the
> gen_server features (see
> erl -man gen_server), but behaves essentially like
> gen_server does. 

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