Q: Supervision and Magically Reincarnated Processes

Bruce Fitzsimons Bruce@REDACTED
Mon Dec 16 09:18:14 CET 2002

Hi peoples,

A quick OTP question, I'm using supervisors in my Aplio (Internet Phone)
server program and I've carefully inserted a bug somewhere that makes one of
the processes crash. But I don't get any output about why it has crashed in
the error_logger or shell (when I run it that way).

The process that dies is a gen_server (behaviour) and it doesn't execute its
terminate(Reason, State) so I guess its just 'EXIT'ing somewhere.

My question is: how can I trap this (preferably sans debugger)?

The supervisor restarts it happily, and works so fast and well that I wasn't
even aware it was dying until I started running it in the shell this week.


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