Distel 3.2

Luke Gorrie luke@REDACTED
Mon Dec 16 04:42:27 CET 2002


There's a new release of Distel up at http://distel.sourceforge.net/

What _didn't_ make it into this one was a user guide and a windows
port - they're coming, but for now you still need a little sense of
adventure ;-)

Here's what did make it, from the NEWS file:

Version 3.2:

	Completion of module and function names. So list:keyso
	completes to lists:keysort, etc. Bound to M-TAB and (since
	some window managers take that) M-?. Also has popups for
	ambiguous completions and all that good stuff.
	(Thanks Mikael Karlsson for suggesting this often enough that
	it finally sunk in :-))

	Major debugger extensions by Martin Björklund:

	- Visual breakpoints: lines with breakpoints set are now
          highlighted in red. If the buffer is modified, the
          breakpoints turn purple to indicate that they may be out of
          sync with the line numbers in the Erlang node. Once editing
          is finished at the code is reloaded, the breakpoints can be
          resynchronized with C-c C-d s.

	  Note that using "l(module)" in the shell seems to go behind
          the debugger's back, so to reload an interpreted module you
          should use either C-c C-d L in Emacs, or i(...) in the

	- Save (C-c C-d S) and Restore (C-c C-d R) of debugger state
          (set of interpreted modules and breakpoints.) This can be
          used to temprarily save your debug settings while restarting
          a node, etc. The settings are stored inside Emacs.

        Group for Customization (M-x customize), so customizable
        variables can be configured interactively. It's in

        More faithful tags-compliance (i.e. prompting for which tag to
        follow after M-.) optionally available, via the (Customizable)
        `distel-tags-compliant' variable (Martin Björklund.)

	Distel commands now appear in the Erlang pull-down menu
	(Martin Björklund)

	Improved "Interactive Session" support. Now C-j evaluates the
	previous expression and inserts the result in-line, and C-M-x
	evaluates a function definition and prints the result as a
	message. The binding for creating/showing a session is now 
	C-c C-d e.

	Improved process-manager support, with many small UI
	enhancements: 'u' updates the list, 'k' kills a process, fewer
	buffers are created, better errors when inspecting dead
	processes, ... (thanks Martin Björklund and Mats Cronqvist)

	EXIT signals are now generated for remote processes when the
	link goes down. This solves some long-standing problems like
	the debug monitor hanging if you restart the node you were
	debugging on.

	Option to explicitly set a cookie in the variable
	`derl-cookie' (Mats Cronqvist)

	Now you can connect several Emacsen to the same Erlang node,
	because Distel now uses a unique distel_<pid>@<host> node name
	for each Emacs.

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