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Goran Bage <>
Mon Dec 9 13:41:53 CET 2002

Klacke wrote:
> On Fri, Dec 06, 2002 at 09:31:08AM -0800, Eric Merritt wrote:
> ...
> I prefer messages the way we have them in erlang. On the
> other hand, imagine Erlang _with_ logical variables, it makes
> for some pretty interesting/complicated programs.

As I remember it Erlang was developed out of logic programming
(as the syntax still shows) and logic variable communication was
seriously considered. Maybe Robert or Joe could comment on the
trade offs made.

> I think, that logical variables is programming concept that 
> is too hard to be used in large (many not so very talented
> programmers) projects. The code becomes hard to read/understand 
> and it's to easy to write unnecessary complicated code.

Maybe, but in some cases it is neat to be able to successively
instantiate data structures. I remember missing it a lot building list
functions, where I need to reverse the list or do several runs over
the list in Erlang. But as you say the resulting code is often simpler
without this feature.

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