Mnesia question

Carlos Silva <>
Fri Dec 6 18:13:15 CET 2002

Hello I've just arrived to the "Erlang world" and I've been trying to introduce myself in Mnesia DBMS.
I found a tool to give the user graphical access to the mnesia and ets tables, called "trex-2.6.tgz - Leif Lorentzen, ", under the "User Contributions" page. 

But I have some troubles in using it. The message that I receive from my erlang shell is the following.

4> trex:start().
*** Could not start trex_sh! Reason: {badrpc,{'EXIT',{undef,[{trex_sh,start,[]},

I'm not ready to understand it yet and I will apreciate any help you could give me about this (the answer or to whom I could contact to answer my questions). May I copy the files in another directory? Run something else before trex? etc.

Thank you very much, Carlos.-

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