Distributed Applications

hfventer hfventer@REDACTED
Mon Dec 2 14:32:47 CET 2002

>For receiving takeover|failover application must be configured with

Thank you for the help, but I stil have no joy with this.  I can see
that the nodes each run through the start phases.  Node 1 and node 2
both start the distributed application locally with no takeover.  It
seems that after I start the erlang node up, it does not know of the
other node yet.  If I use net_kernel:connect(n1@REDACTED) no actions are
taken to move the application to the appropriate node.

Now I am wondering what exactly is needed in the bootscript and
kernel.app to make sure that two nodes talk to each other at startup so
that a distrubuted application gets distributed.

Do I need to use node_sync_mandatory to force the nodes to wait for each
other?  Or do I need to start more apps up than kernel and stdlib to get
distributed behavior?



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