Distributed Applications

Vladimir Sekissov <>
Mon Dec 2 11:06:09 CET 2002

Good day,

For receiving takeover|failover application must be configured with
start_phases parameter. 


{application, erlyhack_map_app,
 [{description, "some desc"},
  {vsn, "1.0.0"},
  {start_phases, [{init, []}, {go, []}]},

And then in application module

start(_, StartArgs) ->

start_phase(init, {takeover, FromNode}, Args) ->
  %% Here apllication is yet working on second node so we
  %% can talk with application processes to get states and
  %% get agreement about global names

start_phase(init, _,  _) -> % Type = normal | {failover, FromNode}

start_phase(go, _, GoArgs) ->

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Vladimir Sekissov

hfventer> I have been searching for some answers on distributed applications, but
hfventer> have not yet gotten it to work.
hfventer> Here is what I want to do:
hfventer> I have a simple TCP/IP server that creates a separate process for each
hfventer> connection to the socket.  This process then receives commands from the
hfventer> user.  These commands are passed on to a central server (possably
hfventer> running on another node) and returns the response to the user.  The
hfventer> central server has its own internal stat and recieves commands from
hfventer> other processes.
hfventer> Nothing realy fancy.
hfventer> What I have achieved thusfar is to get my two nodes (windows XP and
hfventer> Linux) to connect.  I can start everything on node 2 from node 1 (with a
hfventer> spawn command)
hfventer> I have two applications at the moment.  The TCP/IP server and the
hfventer> command server.  They both have the application behavior. I created a
hfventer> boot script on both nodes to start these two applications.
hfventer>  [{kernel,"2.8.0"},
hfventer>   {stdlib,"1.11.0"},
hfventer>   {sasl, "1.9.4"},
hfventer>   {erlyhack_app,"0.01.02"},
hfventer>   {erlyhack_map_app,"0.01.01"}]
hfventer> In my kernel.app file I added the following to both nodes.
hfventer>   {distributed, [   {erlyhack_map_app, [, ]} ]},
hfventer>   {start_dist_ac, true},
hfventer>   {sync_nodes_optional, [, ]},
hfventer>   {sync_nodes_timeout, 10000}
hfventer> When I start the nodes up what I get is that all the applications start
hfventer> on the node in question (erlyhack_app and erlyhack_map_app start on n1
hfventer> and then on n2 and continue running there)  No takeover of
hfventer> erlyhack_map_app to n2 happens.  Clearly I am missing something :)
hfventer> Anyone know what I am doing wrong?
hfventer> I have been searching for complete examples of distributed applications
hfventer> but have not found any.  Are there any available for me to look at and
hfventer> learn?
hfventer> Thanks
hfventer> -]-[einrich
hfventer> PS This might be a duplicate message.  If it is, my appologies.

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