Starting Erlang

Thomas Lindgren thomas.lindgren@REDACTED
Fri Apr 26 10:48:03 CEST 2002

>As we discussed before Thomas, I think that support for other
>resources than .beam files should be supported (i.e. loadable drivers
>but make it generic). Support for different architectures in parallell
>should be included.
>Next had this with its fat binaries.
>(It also had utilities to slim the binaries ;-)
>BTW, Lack of support for other files is than .beam files is what makes
>the network bootloader useless.

Yes, good point.

After you mentioned it last time, I wrote some code to take care of that
problem. Nominally, the archivers (at least one of them) support archiving
and installing non-beam files as well, in particular drivers. I haven't had
the opportunity to check that it really works, though. Nor that it works the
Right Way.

(The development of those .ear programs was driven by listening to Per, in
case anyone wonders :-)

-- Thomas

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