Starting Erlang

Martin Bjorklund mbj@REDACTED
Thu Apr 25 21:21:12 CEST 2002

Per Bergqvist <per@REDACTED> wrote:

> As we discussed before Thomas, I think that support for other         
> resources than .beam files should be supported (i.e. loadable drivers 
> but make it generic).

Very good point!  Also external port programs and data files. I fixed
this for the R7 SAE that Joe did (I sent that to you Joe).  We're
using this modified SAE to distribute RPMs (one with sae itself, one
for the app).  The main thing that needs to be done if you don't want
to modify existing code is to support code:priv_dir/1.  In my
modification I added that function to Joe's simple code.erl and let
each RPM package install it's priv dir into
/usr/local/lib/erlsae/AppName/priv/.  The reason for this was that
existing code usually calls priv_dir/1 and then use the file.erl
functions to read the files.  Of course it would be even better if you
could provide a new API for application specific files which is not
dependent on the local filesystem (or maybe add a new filedescriptor
so the existing file.erl functions could be used)..


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