starting erlang on remote node

Garry Hodgson garry@REDACTED
Fri Apr 5 17:19:35 CEST 2002

Per Bergqvist wrote:

> Erlang node names use either fully qualified domain names or
> "shortnames" for the host part of node name.
> This is controlled by the "-name" (FQDN) and "-sname" (short name)
> switches.
> To resolve your problem:
> a1) replace "-name node" with "-sname node" to use shortnames
> or
> a2) try to contact "" instead of "kestrel".

Francesco Cesarini wrote:

> I think you are mixing long node names with short node names in your
> program (When using the -name flag, you should have the domain name
> Nodes started with a long name can not
> communicate with nodes started with a short name.

thanks, i know about long and short names.  the thing that had me
puzzled was
why the name "kestrel" was involved at all.  i'm running the ssh from
"" on another machine "".  but your
mail prompted me to look more carefully, and i found a default value in
the code that is used if it can't find the correct environment variable.
when running over ssh, the proper environment is not set, and this
short name was being used, where everywhere else i use long names.
hence the problem.

i now feed it the proper value with the -env flag.


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