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Helen Airiyan Helen.Airiyan@REDACTED
Tue Apr 2 12:00:02 CEST 2002

hi Vlad,

twice on a live network we have seen the error message about the system limit
being reached, i.e:

=ERROR REPORT==== 1-Apr-2002::11:01:36 ===
Too many processes

In both cases it was public holiday and noone was able to check the status of
the node to see how many processes there are & who eats them up.  After that
there was a complete reload & all info lost.  We have been investigating this
for a while, but the progress is very slow.

So, I would be very curious to hear more on this subject also.



Vlad Dumitrescu wrote:

> Hi folks,
> * I have a question about the 32000 processes limit. Sometimes I get an
> error message stating that this limit has been reached (it's not easily
> reproducible) even if there should not be more than 8-9000 processes
> around... I wonder if there might be some obscure condition that might raise
> this error message but the problem actually lies elsewhere.
> To be more exact, I wonder if it might be a similar condition with the limit
> concerning the number of ets tables: one gets a "system limit reached" when
> one creates a named ets table and then tries to create a mnesia table with
> the same name.
> * And I would also like to ask again a question that I didn't get an answer
> before: the number of interconnected nodes limit. Does the 256 nodes limit
> refer to "simultaneously connected nodes"? Also, is it a limit for the total
> number of nodes present in the network, or for the number of nodes that one
> noce can be connected to?
> Thanks for the help.
> Regards,
> Vlad
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