Hipe question

Mickael Remond mickael.remond@REDACTED
Wed Sep 26 22:33:49 CEST 2001


I now managed to compile Hipe on Linux (Debian "Sid") thanks to the
brand new prerelease.

I also manage to compile a module using the hipe:c/1 function.

But, from what I understand, I need to use this function (=> hipe
recompilation) for each new Erlang session, as no new file is created
and the beam file does not seem to be modified.

I did not see any way to make the Hipe compilation permanent.
I try to use the hipe:compile function to get the code back from the
function, but I did not figure out what to do with it (Writing it as a
beam or as an executable file does not work).

I am probably missing something.
Any clue ?

Mickaël Rémond

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