Orber and out-parameters in idl

Niclas Eklund nick@REDACTED
Wed Sep 26 11:55:03 CEST 2001


If we have the following function (IDL):

module M {
  interface I {
     void foo(out long MyLong);

To invoke the function on the client-side you write:

{ok, MyLong} = 'M_I':foo(ObjectRef),

The server should be implemented using:

foo(State) ->
  MyLong = ....,
  {reply, {ok, MyLong}, State}.

The above assumes that no extra IC-options have been used (see
Module_Interface in the reference manual).

The above is also descibed in section 6.7 Invocations of Operations
(User's Guide).

Just remember that you must return the atom 'ok' for void functions.


> I was looking in the orber documentation for a description of how I
> should return values when they have been defined in idl as
> out-parameters. I have an idl-spec where all methods are void, and
> return the results in out-parameters. The documentation does mention how
> such a method could be called with an inout parameter, but there is no
> example of the server side, where the method is implemented.
> Does anyone have experience or examples of using out-parameters?
> If this is supported but not in the documentation, perhaps it should be added...
> Any tips would be appreciated!
> I have tried a naive approach, just returning what should be an
> out-parameter, but then my java client gets an exception...

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