INETS + virtual hosting = ???

Chris Pressey <>
Thu Mar 29 11:17:15 CEST 2001

Hi all.

I'll be in charge of setting up a colocated server soon, one which will
be shared by three seperate organizations, each with their own website
with light-to-moderate traffic.  Each website is accessed from a
different domain name by the method known as virtual hosting.

I'd like to run Inets as the webserver (& ftp server) on this machine. 
However I don't know what kind of problems this will cause, as it is
clear that Inets does not support virtual hosts in the same way as
Apache does, if at all.

Our hosts are selected by-IP (http 1.0) not by-name (http 1.1).  So this
may make the job feasible by some measure (read: kludge), perhaps by
starting three copies of Inets on the same port but with different
BindAddress settings (??? I may be in over my head here. :-)

Also, this will definately involve port 80, which will involve running
Inets (and consequently erl) as root.  Are there any known problems or
caveats regarding this (besides the usual ones that apply to running
anything as root?)

Thanks in advance.


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