disk_log:blog/2 --- synchronous???

Gerald Biederbeck <>
Wed Mar 28 16:40:49 CEST 2001


I'm trying to write data to (redundant) disks 
by using the 'disk_log' module.

I open it as a 'distributed log', 

	i.e. disk_log:open(
		[ ...,
		{notify, true},
		{distributed, ['', '']},

On both machines run the disk_log_server process.

When using the 'blog/2' function in order to write data, the
mentions that this call is synchronous...but I think it isn't!!!
If I do a Solaris 'chmod' on a certain LogFile and try to write to this
file afterwards,
no error is returned....instead my process  receives an error_status
as described for the asynchronous feature (which is nice but not

Receiving an asynchronous {error_status, ...} is not sufficient for
Is there a -real- synchronous way to ensure that the 'blog/2' call
My application must not call 'blog/2' again before it is ensured that
writing succeeeded!

I tried waiting for theses {error_status, ...} messages but they are
only sent
if a change in the status occures. If the status remains, let's say,
{error_status, ok}
no notification is sent and I will wait .... for how long ...forever???

Sorry, I hope someone did understand my problem,
maybe there is a quite simple solution to it.

Perhaps someone is able to tell me why there is no synchronous
within OTP disk_log when talking about distributed logs...

Is someone else interested in such a functionality or am I the only

Thanx for any comment...


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