Dynamicly generated websites in Erlang

Mickael Remond <>
Tue Mar 27 07:36:16 CEST 2001

J Scott Jaderholm () wrote:
> Hi,
> What options are there for dynamically generating websites in erlang?
> I'm using INETS webserver right now, but it only serves static pages
> afaik.  I'd like to be able to generate different pages based on

In fact, INETS can also generate dynamic content. You can execute Erlang
code in INETS.

What you should look for is: mod_esi (Erlang Scripting Interface):
I wrote a french article on this topic and I could translate it if you
are interested.
This is a very nice feature to create a web interface to setup the
parameter when developping an Erlang server.
> I've been told that I could use some of the code in bluetail's
> ticket
> tracker, but from a quick look at it I think I'd much rather use
> other
> (easier hopefully) options, if there are any.
If I remember correctly, BTT use INETS to serve its dynamic content,
and Mnesia as its database.
The other alternative is mod_erl (which is preliminary implementation
of an Erlang module for the Apache web server). You can get it at:
Mickaël Rémond

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