Dynamicly generated websites in Erlang

J Scott Jaderholm <>
Tue Mar 27 00:43:17 CEST 2001


What options are there for dynamically generating websites in erlang?
I'm using INETS webserver right now, but it only serves static pages
afaik.  I'd like to be able to generate different pages based on

1) a template file and
2) information pulled out of databases (either postgresql or I might
look into mnesia, not sure if it's appropriate in this case).

I may not need the template feature, but that's what I've used in the
past (with IMHO and Common Lisp).

I've been told that I could use some of the code in bluetail's ticket
tracker, but from a quick look at it I think I'd much rather use other
(easier hopefully) options, if there are any.

Thanks for reading, and any responses.


the sky is tired of being blue

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