Luke Gorrie <>
Wed Mar 14 19:17:14 CET 2001

Ingela Anderton <> writes:

> It would take a rellay advanced IDE before I ever trade away emacs.
> I think IDE:s many times limits the way I work and causes a lot of
> unnecessary mouse-clicking. No emacs and a unix-shell is the ideal
> development environment too me, and of course some version handlig
> program like cvs or clearcase. 

I agree heartily. Though I think it would be very nice to extend Emacs
with more erlang stuff - e.g. a debugger interface.

>From that side of the fence, I've implemented a subset of the erlalng
external term format in Emacs Lisp and put in a communication stub, so
that you can make calls from emacs to an erlang node using convenient
data structures.

But, I've never done anything useful with it :-). If someone else
wants to, the code is at

The idea is you write e.g.:

  (erlext-call "localhost"
               (vector 'toggle_breakpoint (buffer-file-name) (what-line)))

and then an erlang server listening on that port will receive:

  {toggle_breakpoint, "/home/luke/test_module.erl", 42}

.. etc.


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