Erik.Johansson <>
Wed Mar 14 15:09:09 CET 2001

"Klacke" <> wrote:

> Someday I'll make an effort and hack erlang support into the real thing
> which is the 'ctags' program

Isn't this done allready?
>man ctags
     The `etags' program is used to create a tag table file, in a
     format  understood  by emacs(1); the `ctags' program is used
     to  create  a  similar  table  in  a  format  understood  by
     vi(1)similar  table  used  by the Altrasoft OO Browser (This
     manpage may be innacurate in regards to  ootags).   .   Both
     forms  of  the program understand the syntax of C, Objective
     C, C++, Java, Fortran, Pascal, Cobol, LaTeX,  Scheme,  Emacs
     Lisp/Common   Lisp,  Postscript,  Erlang,  Prolog  and  most
     assembler-like syntaxes."

See also

(Note that there is a bug on the page, where it says:
    file . -name "*.[he]rl" -print | etags -
it should be 
    find . -name "*.[he]rl" -print | etags -

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