Erlang Development Environment

Tony Rogvall <>
Wed Mar 7 23:30:16 CET 2001

Mickael Remond wrote:

> Torbjorn Tornkvist () wrote:
> >
> > JFYI: Tony Rogvall has made a coupling between Erlang an GTK.
> > I think the plan is to release it to the OTP team (don't take
> > my word for it though). However, I'm not sure how well GTK
> > works under Windows.
> Hum. That's great ! I hope he will release his code because it would be
> very useful. GTK is a very powerful toolkit.
> For the Windows part, I think this should work on Windows:
> - Because GTK started in the GIMP (Image manipulation tool) project.
>   GIMP has been ported on Windows, so I think the toolkit should work.
> - Because I have heard that Gnome has been ported on Windows. Gnome is a
>   GTK based desktop, so ...
> --
> Mickaël Rémond

Erlang/GTK do work under windows (some minor stuff with Gtk version is 1.3
under windows while
the unix version is based on 1.2.8). Most stuff missing and things that are
incomplete today will
resolve nicely when Gtk2.0 is released. Then most things are glib objects
and I can attach hooks
to about everything :-)

Yes GTK is nice and I hope to have a pre-release soon (I have also made a
glade2erl program
and some extensions to glade that will make simple gui stuff just a mouse
click away...)

See you then :-)


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