Erlang Development Environment

Robert Virding <>
Tue Mar 6 11:21:10 CET 2001

Sean Hinde <> writes:
>Fellow Erlangers,
>I've read a number of suggestions for a better Erlang Development
>Environment than emacs.. It certainly seems we are falling behind some other
>languages in terms of support environment. (OCaml, Clean, Python etc).

There used to be a simple but perfectly usable development environment
called xerl (I think).  It consisted of an editor window and a coupled
shell window with some helpful buttons.  The editor was textedit-like,
but had a reasonable knowledge of Erlang syntax so it could help with

While not as powerful as the emacs environment it was perfect for users 
who were shy of emacs or running on Windows.

Best of all it was written in Erlang so it could have been extended 
into a full environment with close coupling to the debugger and other 
graphical system display tools.

I don't know why it was dropped.  It was pre-gs so it would have had to 
been ported.  Maybe the code still exists somewhere and could be used 
as a starting point for a new environment.

I porbably think, without having given too much thought on the subject, 
that Gtk is the way to go.  If you were doing a "product" for money 
then I would buy some portable environment.


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