Erlang Development Environment

James Hague <>
Tue Mar 6 15:58:51 CET 2001

>I'd rather the root of this problem be solved; namely, that GS is slow
>under Windows.  Could the performance not be improved if it were
>implemented directly with Windows API calls (avoiding Tk completely)?

Probably, but it would be a huge effort.  Delphi is orders of magnitude
easier to use than raw Win32 calls.  My gut feeling is that there's not much
sense in bulking up Erlang with huge graphical modules.  Just calling
external programs is a nice way of dodging the problem and keeping focused.

> > a. There's no simple, efficient way to have large, constant 
> data structures.
> OK, but I'd rather not there be some "special method" in Erlang for
> making large constant data structures, efficient.  An 
> optimizer of some sort should see to that, behind the scenes.

I agree.  If constant data had it's own non-GCed memory pool, that would be
great.  But that's a big change to the runtime, I expect.  Oh, but it would
really open up possibilities, IMO.


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