Porting erlang to MacOS X ?

Hakan Stenholm etxhste@REDACTED
Tue Jan 30 17:47:50 CET 2001

> Hello fellow erlangers!
> I have ported Erlang to MacOSX, quite easily, just hacking a bit in the 
> configure scripts. I have no numbers on performance yet, but it seems 
> reasonably fast. (My 266MHz G3 being on par with a 500MHz Pentium II 
> windows machine.)
> I am also experimenting with the graphical interface. As you know, MacOSX 
> doesn't use X-windows, instead it has a interface called Aqua, which is a 
> newer version of NextStep. I have two ways to use GUI on MacOSX: a 
> erl_interface-based module which can be used with the Interface Builder to 
> create a Mac GUI to an Erlang program; and an attempt to port gs, that 
> still has lots of work to be usable (i.e. good enough to run the debugger).

I'm not a greate fan of gs - it's to slow and feature poor if you want to do any 
good UI (lacks gui widgets/components, drop & drag support) or animation (need 
double buffering support to do this flicker free), I would like to something 
more usefull.
Does such a thing exist ? and does it use code (e.g. java byte code) that 
doesn't need to be recompiled for windows, mac, linux ....

I think MacOSX has tcl/tk, I know that there was a version on classic macos - 
could that one be used or can etk use it, erlang seams to use it own (hacked ?) 
version  of tlc/tk.
Could one implement gs ontop of etk in that case.

I my personal hobby project currently uses a prototyp gs based gui, but I intend 
to use java, esdl or some protable C(/C++ ...) based api.  

I've toyed with the idea to create a 'extended' gs with more features - based on 
some other graphis underpining than tk.
> Please let me know if anyone's interested, or willing to help.
I'll be happy to run this as my erlang platfrom at home and report/fix any 
strange bugs I find.

> I'm planning to make an open source-release of OTP on MacOSX, after I've 
> tested it with the released MacOSX.
"released MacOSX" does that mean the final (non beta) version to be released 
24/3 ?

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