Makefile and Erlang

Vance Shipley vances@REDACTED
Sat Jan 27 03:05:27 CET 2001

Alexis Le-Quoc writes:
> 1) I wrote a Makefile (for GNU make) which is about 3 lines long:
> all:
>         erl -noinput -make
>         echo "systools:make_tar(app1)." | erl -noshell
> The third line obviously never returns but produces the expected .tar.gz.


This is what I use in our Makefile (abreviated version attached):

%.tar.gz:   all %.boot
   erl -noshell -s systools make_script $* -s erlang halt
   erl -noshell -s systools make_tar $* -s erlang halt

> 2) Once I have that tarball, I un-tar it to my_directory and do a cd
> my_directory. Then I try erl -boot releases/1/start but it crashes since I
> suspect it does not find the appropriate *.beam files. I'm missing
> something here. Is is the {path, Path} trick in the .rel file?
> Thank you,
> -- Alexis

I'm not sure but I know that it isn't working for me because I'm not
getting all my applications files into the tarball.  It puts all the
*.beam files in but not the priv/bin & priv/data files. I haven't
gotten around to figuring out how to do that yet.

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