Various (and almost completely unrelated) questions and opini ons

James Hague jamesh@REDACTED
Wed Feb 21 22:43:02 CET 2001

Chris Pressey wrote
> Well, actually, for me, the pain is having those parentheses 
> - a nesting
> level.  I work with rather long numerical expressions.  And 
> to me it is
> much easier to read
>   a * b * c * d * e * f * g.
> than
>   matmul(a, matmul(b, matmul(c, matmul(d, matmul(e, matmul(f, g)))))).

Of course in Lisp you'd just say:

(matmul a b c d e f g)

which is even shorter than the infix version :)


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