Erlang: a European phenomenon?

Chris Pressey cpressey@REDACTED
Tue Feb 20 01:44:27 CET 2001

Tony Gahlinger wrote:
> Hmm .. try
> spearheaded by Vance Shipley--a quite regular contributor to this
> list--with the odd aiding and abetting on my part. We've been using
> Erlang/OTP as the focal development bed for our telecom products for
> the past three years.

D'oh.  A simple search for "Erlang Canada" on dogpile would have
revealed Motivity.  Thanks and sorry to bother you for it.

For completeness' sake, I also found a Toronto company called Vengeance
( ) which advertises their ability to use Erlang
as well.

Does anyone know what happened to ETOS?  The URL seems to have changed permissions and
is no longer world-readable.


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