Error "mnemosyne query, missing transformation"

Chris Pressey cpressey@REDACTED
Fri Feb 9 07:58:45 CET 2001

I've run across an error compiling Mnemosyne queries that I don't

My code looks like this:

    id          = 0,
    name        = "",
    description = "",
    [{attributes, record_info(fields, product)}]),
  F = fun() ->
        mnemosyne:eval(query [ ||
	                       P <- table(product),
	              = ProductName         
	                     ] end)
  {atomic, T} = mnesia:transaction(F),

When trying to compile this I get the rather unhelpful error message
"mnemosyne query, missing transformation" (on the line containing the
keyword 'query') for which I can find no more detailed description. 
(Which surprises me a bit, because this is essentially the example query
given in the Mnesia documentation.)

I'm using the otp_win32_R7B-0.exe release.  This can't possibly be a
bug, but I can't think of what I've overlooked in phrasing this query.

Thanks in advance...


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