Erlang and asn.1

Sergio Da Silva sdasilva@REDACTED
Mon Dec 31 16:01:26 CET 2001


I am just about to discover erlang and ASN.1. I have a special need and
am wondering if erlang is able to solve my problem: we receive BER
encoded (according to a well defined ASN.1 grammar) files (called
"enc_file") and I will need to decode them.

Where do I start? So far I have managed to compile the ASN.1 file and
have a module that provides encode and decode routines.
I have read the documentation but this did not bring me any further.

How do I decode file "enc_file", do I have to define my own decoding
logic or do there exist out-of-the box tools?

Any hints will be greatly appreciated.

I nearly forgot to wish you a Happy New Year!

Sergio da Silva

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