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Annals of Software Engineering:

Special Volume on "Computational Intelligence In Software Engineering"

The Annals  of Software  Engineering journal seeks  articles for  a special
volume on "Computational Intelligence In Software Engineering".

The constantly  evolving technological  infrastructure of the  modern world
presents a  great challenge of developing software  systems with increasing
size  and complexity. Software  engineers and  researchers are  striving to
meet  these and  other continuously  growing challenges  by  developing and
implementing  useful software  engineering methodologies.  However, despite
the introduction  of some  important and useful  paradigms in  the software
engineering discipline, their technological transfers on a larger scale has
been extremely gradual and limited.

The recent  emergence of  the field of  Computational Intelligence  (CI) in
Software  Engineering   provides  a  software  development   team  with  an
opportunity by taking advantage of the currently developed, documented, and
mature  CI technologies such  as fuzzy  logic, artificial  neural networks,
genetic  and artificial  intelligence based  computational  systems, expert
knowledge  based  systems,  and  case  based  reasoning.  These  and  other
computational intelligence  technologies have  been used to  resolve issues
arising from the ever-increasing complexity and size of software systems.

The aim and scope of this  special issue is focused on the current research
trends of introducing and implementing CI techniques to address the various
software  engineering needs  arising  during different  phases of  software
development  and analysis. This  special issue  is intended  to serve  as a
comprehensive  collection of  some of  the current  state-of-the-art  CI in
software engineering technologies.

Topics of Interest

Topics of particular interest on "Computational Intelligence In Software
Engineering" include but are not limited to:

* Neural Networks
* Fuzzy Logic
* Genetic Algorithms & Programming
* Case Based Reasoning
* Data Mining Techniques
* Adaptive Computing Systems
* Knowledge Based Systems
* Software Cost Estimation
* Software Reliability Modeling
* Formal Verification Methods
* Software Testing & Software Validation
* Expert Software Systems
* Software Requirements & Specifications Engineering
* Machine Learning Techniques
* Hybrid Intelligent Systems


Professor Taghi M. Khoshgoftaar
Department of Computer Science & Engineering
Florida Atlantic University
Boca Raton, Florida 33433, U.S.A.
Tel:   +1-561-297-3994
Fax:   +1-561-297-2800
Email: taghi@REDACTED

Annals of  Software Engineering imposes  virtually no length  limitation on
the  submitted papers.  A  paper's length  is  judged with  respect to  the
quality  of its  content. Submitted  papers must  not have  been previously
published or  be currently  under consideration for  publication elsewhere.
All papers will  be rigorously refereed. The complete  manuscript in PDF or
postscript format should  be submitted to the editor on  or before April 1,


Submission of a manuscript to the Annals of Software Engineering journal 
is a representation that the manuscript:
(a) has not been previously published, 
(b) is not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere, and
(c) will not be submitted elsewhere until a decision is made regarding 
    its suitability for publication in Annals of Software Engineering.

Submission is also the representation that the work has been approved for
open publication if performed under an official sponsorship requiring 
such an approval.

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