Moving mnesia schema to another node

Erik Pearson erik@REDACTED
Tue Dec 25 03:18:56 CET 2001


I need to move a mnesia database from one node to another, and haven't been 
able to figure out how. Mnesia is okay if you move it around on the same 
machine (different directories), but doesn't like to be moved to another 
machine -- (e.g. tar it up and untar it somehwere else) -- even if the 
database directory is accessed via a generic directory name through an 
explicit -mnesia dir 'dirname' or -config configfile.

I've also tried restoring from a backup, but stopped that after it ate up 
all CPU on the server. I also tried using install_fallback, but mnesia 
complains with

{"No disc resident schema on local node", [myoldnode]}

The backup seems to keep a reference to the old node, and doens't like to 
be restored anywhere else...

Does anyone know how to do a "redirected backup and restore" from one node 
to another?


Erik Pearson

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