erlang R8B on Mandrake 8

Kent Boortz kent@REDACTED
Tue Dec 18 16:32:57 CET 2001

Danni Coy <rgcoy@REDACTED> writes:
> Ok I want to try wings on my mandrake box. I have downloaded everything 
> nessecarry. however I am stuck compiling erlang. I am having lots link 
> errors with ttsl_drv.c file
> which makes me think that I don't have a library I should. or I have the 
> wrong version of something. Has anybody else had this experience... any 
> help would be appreciated. 

This is probably caused by a bug in the configure script where
missing a library isn't detected. The script searches for


in that order but doesn't fail if none is found. I also see some bad
coding in "ttsl_drv.c" where instead of including the correct header
file the functions are declared in the source file.

In general when a library is needed to build Erlang/OTP you need
to install the development version of that library or in some cases
both the runtime and development versions. On our RedHat 7.1
machine Erlang/OTP "ttsl_drv.c" needs the RPM's "ncurses-5.2-8" and
"ncurses-devel-5.2-8", on debian the package "libncurses5-dev".

Yes, the configure script needs improvements....


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