Multple Application Management

Martin J. Logan martin@REDACTED
Mon Dec 3 21:16:45 CET 2001

    I am wondering if anyone can help point me in the correct direction for
the deployment of multimple applications on one node.
Currently I manage applications on a per application basis i.e they are
started individually. I start the runtime system pointing it to the script
and boot files that I genereated for that particular application using
systools.  I want to run two applications on the same box so pointing the
system to the script and boot files generated for specific apps is not
feasable. I would like to have all the startup info in one central location
so that all the apps I woudl like started on a box would come up when I start
the the run time system. I have messed with the start.script file but this
requires me to edit it manually which I understand from the docs is not the
preferred way to go about things. Could someone point me tword the proper way
to manage somthing like this? What method lies in accordence with the way the
run time system was designed?
                Martin Logan

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