Problem setting DefaultQoS with Notification Service

Jani Launonen jabba@REDACTED
Mon Apr 30 02:28:34 CEST 2001

Hello everyone,

previously I had problems setting QoS-parametres - that is now passed.
After trying to circumvent the problem by using java to call
EventChannelFactory:create_channel (which didn't succeed by some weird
problem with JacORB's idl-compiler), I used cut & paste -method from the
sources and after reading little bit manuals and tutorials I could
construct a kind of working record which was accepted by
EventChannelFactory:create_channel. Jesh! There only seems to be problem
with JacORB's understanding of IORs with "wstring inside Anys" - even after
a patch to recent JacORB 1.3.21. This is off topic but just to tell the
status that no one is going to bother with the previous problem.

>[cut introduction]
>There's an example use of Notification Service at page
>which has this code:
>	%% Create a new event channel.
>	Ch = 'CosNotifyChannelAdmin_EventChannelFactory':
>        	  create_channel(ChFac, DefaultQoS, DefaultAdmin),
>The question is, whether there is these DefaultQoS and DefaultAdmin
>defined somewhere or are these just put as an place holders here? Or is
>there a way to create channel with default QoS/Admin values by some other
>function? Page
>does say, what the default values are, so these must be hidden somewhere in
>the source. I've tried to find out this DefaultQoS (DefaultAdmin) (or
>similar) in the source, but failed so far. Could someone help me with this
>one as I'm bit confused with the record syntax in Erlang (and especially
>those Corba mappings) and haven't succeeded creating default values by myself.
>[cut bonus question]


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