Erlang futures

Sean Hinde Sean.Hinde@REDACTED
Tue Apr 17 13:01:51 CEST 2001

> Hello
> I have decided to develop a Workflow engine probably with 
> Erlang but still not 
> decided ;-)
> (I am also looking for OCAML and
> Erlang seem great but seem still suffer of some lacks ....
> I would like to know what improvments are planned in next R8 release
>  GUI (GTK ???)

I saw something about this somewhere..

>  Strings (with Binaries) ???

Erlang has strings :) They are implemented as lists but I have not had any
great problem with this and it makes for very easy programming. They can be
stored in mnesia as binaries if you want to save the last few bytes of
memory. You can also do most things with binaries already that you can do
with strings.

>  MNESIA fast enougth for big table (up to Giga records)???

mnesia is fast enough.. There are issues with the recovery time for very
large tables if the whole thing happens to crash during the log dump (which
if you have a relatively low update rate is pretty unlikely - especially if
you have active replicas).

Which database were you thinking of using with OCAML BTW?? If you really
wanted to offer a choice of database for very large users there is an ODBC

>  File Upload for Inets Web server ???

I don't know. Inets is fairly easy to understand and is quite modular - why
not have a go? I don't know if the OTP guys are planning this..

>  (and why not some HIPE JIT parts incorporation ???)

I'm sure HIPE will be coming along sometime. Erlang is pretty quick without
the HIPE so I'd knock up a prototype and test/profile it before you worry
unduly about this.

> thanks for anwser

Just give it a go. You'll probably have the thing up and running before you
would have finished worrying about which language to use :-)


- Sean

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