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Raimo Niskanen raimo@REDACTED
Tue Apr 3 07:50:58 CEST 2001

"Sarah C. Wood" wrote:
> If I have 1320 hours of traffic in the busiest month of the year...
> What is an average days traffic?  I got 60
> How much traffic is in the Busy Hour?  I got 10 hours
> How many trunks are required for a P.02 GOS?  I got 17 trunks...
> How many trunks are required for a P.04 GOS ?  I got 16 trunks...
> How many trunks are required for a P.10 GOS?  I got 14 trunks...
> Last question:  Why would I require a P.02 GOS rather than a P.10 GOS?
> Would the answer be the more trunks the better???
> Anyone help....please tell me if I am right or wrong??

I think you have got the wrong mailing list. This one is for the Erlang
programming language, and it has not got much in common with the unit
for traffic load on a PABX, other than that it is named after the same
Danish matematician, and that the Erlang programming language can be
used for programming PABXes.

/ Raimo Niskanen

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