Windows build

Klacke <>
Wed Oct 18 13:41:30 CEST 2000

There's a whole lot of win32 specific stuff that need to be
setup properly before this thing works. It most certainly doesn't
work outofthebox asis. Maybe there were some small fixes to erts too, 
I don't remember.

Path's to MS compiler (version??) etc to work standalone/commandline, 
Cygnus (1.0 needs to be installed directly under C:), ... etc

If compiling openssl, we need ActivePerl first in the 
path, compiling erts need Cygnus perl first in the path....
These were things from the top of my head, there were probably 
more, and as I said, we dropped it and I no longer work on it.

> I have tried it in a hurry, just to see if it starts. There are however some
> error messages...
> / is missing

ignore this .. (I think) 
> how do I setup nmake under Cygnus? just by adding to the PATH? (I've never
> tried that before)

Basically yes. Install the MS compiler and see what _it_ adds to the
path in the registry and copy that.

As well as all the cygnus path's as usual. 

> some "cannot find target for..." messages, but maybe they come up because
> nmake is not found


Good luck


Claes Wikstrom                          <>
Bluetail AB                   

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