Windows build

Per Bergqvist <>
Mon Oct 16 10:16:37 CEST 2000

There are some other more important problems as well such as the use of
MSVCRT setargv and the
way quoting of parameters is done which inhibits use of the make files
as is.
I have a build environment more or less ready for Windows but need
somebody to volunteer to assist.
I hoped to finish it a couple of weeks ago but so far I haven't turned
on my PC at home the last three weeks....
If I knew that somebody really would like to test it I'll probably kick
myself somewhere and fix it.


Vlad Dumitrescu wrote:

> Hello! Building erlang on Windows out of the box is not possible,
> since there are a lot of references to the internal Ericsson build
> environment (clearcase and such) - unless I have been looking at the
> wrong makefiles... I'd like to get a try at it - would it be possible
> to get some "clean" makefiles, or am I on my own? Vlad
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