Windows build

Kent Boortz <>
Sun Oct 15 02:04:16 CEST 2000

> Building erlang on Windows out of the box is not possible, since
> there are a lot of references to the internal Ericsson build
> environment (clearcase and such) - unless I have been looking at the
> wrong makefiles... I'd like to get a try at it - would it be
> possible to get some "clean" makefiles, or am I on my own?

>From us at Ericsson? We haven't had a need to create "clean" make
files for the obvious reason, it works for us. So what's in the Open
Source release is all we got. The build process is driven from Unix so
for us a native Windows build process doesn't gain us anything. I think
it also would complicate the daily build process or at least require
large changes.

I assume you mean "erts/Makefile.win32_cross" when you talk about
references to the "internal Ericsson build environment". I find it
confusing too, and I'm using the "internal Ericsson build environment"

Did you find the documents in "erts/internal_doc/"? Maybe they can give
some hints about how it is built in our environment and how to make it
more generic.

We are working on simplifications of the Windows build process but it
will probably still be closely tied to our internal build environment
and of no use to you, sorry,

Sorry if I sound negative, we try hard to support the Open Source
community and we appreciate the feedback and contributions from it but
we are too few here with to much work to do,


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