Who is a Programmer?

luc.taesch <>
Thu Oct 12 17:55:56 CEST 2000

>Funny - one of the camps resisting Erlang has been those trying to
>move development more towards high-level graphical modelling tools
>like Rational Rose, possibly thinking that this is the way out of the
>Software Crisis. 

ive been a long time trier, supporter, implementer... of graphical modelling 
tools, oo, and pre-oo.
never "really" works.

if i have to explain it in a nutshell, i d say "imagine we stayed with 
hieroglyphs...instead of letters and words", too many picture, not enough 
expressing power by combination.

kind of similar to  what u say following :

>To them (I imagine) Erlang represents a hacker
>culture; to you (and me), Erlang is a way for us system architects
>to become the programming gurus we never thought we'd be. 

formal specs, Z like, looking like complex math, are frightening to look at 
(until ure used to, but how many passes this ? try with ure manager...)

erlang syntax brings it close to common usage.
(haskell is already too cryptic, with points, colon, and so on)

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