FW: Solaris on Laptops

Sean Hinde Sean.Hinde@REDACTED
Wed Mar 22 11:29:37 CET 2000

A guy I know in Sun provided this advice:


I've got a Toshiba Satellite Pro480CDT. Running Solaris on Intel, especially
Laptop is a tricky business, purely because of device supports. 

If you are buying a new laptop, check the list first and pick the one on it,
don't just get any, as the chances of Solaris supporting new devices is

  Solaris  <http://soldc.sun.com/support/drivers/hcl/index.html> Developer
Connection - Solaris (Intel Platform Edition) Driver News 

Alternative, run Linux. But this would depend on what you want to do. 

In terms of problem, we have very little, as the build is very consistant
and well tested. I guess the only problem is battery, it doesn't last long
as Solaris don't have a laptop power managment. 

Let me know if you want more info. 



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