Distributed applications (global)

Ulf Wiger etxuwig@REDACTED
Fri Mar 10 12:12:45 CET 2000


>From what I can tell, this is what's happening:

- dist_ac on test3 is waiting for test2 to start 'db_backup'
- dist_ac on test2 is waiting for information from dist_ac 
  about the weight of 'wap'

I will dig further, after lunch, but the crux seems to be that
the functions dist_ac:wait_dist_start/7 and dist_ac:collect_answers/4
are partly blocking.

It's pretty clear that the dist_ac is deadlocked, though.


On Fri, 10 Mar 2000, Sean Hinde wrote:

Sean>Thanks Uffe,
Sean>Here is the trace for the two remaining nodes, I'll also bring in the
Sean>commercial support guys and let you all know the outcome.
Sean>> Could you call process_info(whereis(dist_ac)) and post the 
Sean>> result? You could also try 
Sean>> erlang:process_display(whereis(dist_ac), backtrace).

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