Distributed applications (global)

Sean Hinde Sean.Hinde@REDACTED
Thu Mar 9 18:02:32 CET 2000

The next step - the world!!!

I now have a globally registered backup app, to which I have added:

        global:re_register_name(backup, self()),

in the init/1 which works, and fails over etc. Fantastic.

Next I added the same to another of my apps and changed sys.config :

{distributed, [{backup, [test1@REDACTED, {test2@REDACTED, test3@REDACTED}]},
		   {wap, [test1@REDACTED, {test2@REDACTED, test3@REDACTED}]}]}

both apps startup fine initially but if I stop test1, only backup starts up
on the new node.

dist_ac seems to be stuck with a load of messages in its queue including
some {'EXIT' <0.97.0>, normal}s and {internal_restart_appl, wap} stuff. The
function is dist_ac:wait_dist_start/7

Restarting the main node has no effect except stuffing up dist_ac even more.

I'm not having a good day with this..


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